Check In

Check In is an application that has been developed to enable the care sector deliver responsive person-centred day opportunities.

“Since the introduction of ‘Check in’ we have dramatically reduced the amount of time we spend on bureaucracy. We’re a lot more effective and efficient, and consequently more responsive to our trainees needs”

– Rob Larkins, CEO, Vision 21

Benefits of Check In
Transform Your Organisation With 360 Visibility

  • Free up staff to support attendees to achieve their desired outcomes.
  • Enable managers to deliver the most effective and efficient day opportunities across the organisation.
  • Simplify and automate invoicing and reassure commissioners.
  • Check In manages attendee information so it can be automatically shared with appropriate staff. Important documents such as care plans or consent and referral forms are attached to attendees records.
  • Session leaders check in everyone who is booked into attend a session. They can review relevant information for each attendee before the session begins.
  • When there is an absence this is flagged so relevant action can be taken.
  • The application delivers valuable real time management information covering attendees, courses, locations, projects and participant groups.
  • Check In can be accessed anywhere via mobile devices and easily integrates with the technology you already have in place. This software is modular and highly customisable.

We understand the financial pressures facing social care organisations and have consequently developed a flexible per-service-user pricing model. We are so confident Check In will deliver significant cost savings we are able to issue risk and reward contracts.

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