About Us

At Refresh we are passionate about doing business over the internet. We build websites, software and digital marketing plans to help you thrive.

Understanding how customers engage with your business or organisation is at the heart of what we do.

We have worked in the web design and development industry for over 15 years and have worked on projects for both SME and larger organisations.

We have a trusted network of developers, designers, content writers and specialist online marketeers to extend and achieve the best outcomes to help you thrive.

“Clients come for a coffee saying that they need a website. Often, when we dig deeper we find there is more to their story and more that they realise that the web can do for them.  No longer is a website an add-on, it should be and can be a measurable, core part of how you both gain customers and consistently deliver value to them. Helping you unpack and then build up a successful strategy is what makes this work my passion.”

  • Property Agent Website Client
    Chris Bidder, Director
    We took the plunge and got a beautiful website designed by Refresh, it also plugs into all our back office systems for rentals and sales, so that it updates automatically. Paolo has also helped design our ongoing digital marketing strategy for this and our sister businesses.  

  • Booking App Client
    Darrell Axford, Director, Cwmdown
    When you've got a specific idea and you know what your customers want, it was great to have Refresh guide us to get our website built. We had quite complex demands (with a booking system and payment), and wanted a certain look. And we got a website that is easy to use, and our customers love.

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