Facebook apps

Facebook is now a platform, some people ignore email and live their online life through Facebook. As a brand you can’t ignore Facebook, and need to create something that engages with your brand in an original way. Build more than just a Facebook page. Come to us to help you think of an original experience that you customers will want to share and engage with¬†and get you a ton of visits.

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Spend a Million

We’ve all daydreamed, or chatted in the pub with our mates about what we’d buy if we won the lottery. We built this completely integrated facebook app so people can skive off work and daydream of spending like J-lo or P-diddy.

project spendamillion

The Facebook App and website has already been mentioned on Radio 2 and over 100 blogs and had 2m page views. Check out the bling, bling, bling at: