Custom web development

Our initial task with any custom application is to create a visual prototype. This means you can see how your application would feel before going onto the actual development. This saves you from any headaches later on and from any costly rewrites when a specification is changed.

booking applications & intranets


We have built several booking applications, that have vastly improved the back-office of the organisations that we worked with.

A booking application handles the mundane daily tasks of managing an event or seminar, allowing you to focus on marketing, and actually running a successful event.


business applications

Recently, we have built a business dashboard that enables a business to monitor how staff are performing, how fast they are responding to their customers, and where the bottlenecks are.

We have also built software that runs 8 of the UK’s major festivals backstage. This includes the bands/DJ’s, the guest lists, accommodation requirements, riders, and technical requirements.

We are happy to help consult with you and assess both the development required, and the size of potential market before you commission your project in full.

Anything else?

Sure! We have work in PHP, MYSQL, Javascript, Ajax, Flash, various other web technologies. All to help people like you realise that brilliant concept in your head.

don’t just take our word for it

Darrell from Cwmdown uplift service says:

“The system these guys built has cut dowm my administrative time from 3-4 hours a day to less than 15 minutes. My business partner can now spend more time managing the Cwmdown menagerie”