chatbox website enquiry tool

We’ve made it our business to study how visitors flow through your website. Our core team have developed Chatbox! a bulletproof way to increase the amount of enquiries that you receive.

You’ve done the hard work getting visitors to your website. We now take those visitors and tease their contact information out of them. Meaning you get more leads. Simple.

Chatbox! works by sliding out automatically on the 3rd page of a website visit, asks for as little information as possible, in stages, and has the same conversion effect as a live chat, without the overheads in manning a live chat.

To try out Chatbox! simply click around this website, on the 3rd page of your visit, the Chatbox! slideout will appear. Or click on the “ask us” to start it anyway.

“From 2 enquiries a week to 10 a week. It just works.”
Paul Haley from BHBi

We’ve fine tuned an elegant solution, that really works. It’s simple to slot into your website. It’s not pushy. It’s friendly and engaging. And your website will turn into the enquiry generating cash machine that you deserve!

“we’d have 3-4 enquiries a month if we were lucky. The Chatbox! solution is so simple & elegant, it encourages people to ask and leave there details. We get 8-10 now every month. In this climate its all about new business“.
Luke Hodge of Cardiff IT company B2b IT Services

Why not drop us a line, and let us help you increase your enquiries, with an elegant solution. Chatbox is priced at a one off of £250 + £20 per year thereafter. This includes customisation, set up and free support.

How much is a lead worth to you? Is £250 a fair price to capture at least one more customer every quarter?

We can integrate with your website easily or provide simple to follow instructions for your web designer.

“I was wasting cash on Adwords and getting one or two enquiries a month, now with the same Ad spend I get 6 a month. Perfect.”
Mark Biffin, from Bay Cleaning